lördag 27 mars 2010

The DeathTraps MC

Bikes are meant to be ridden, and ridden hard. Tall and skinny for tight curves and splitting lanes, sissy bars for overnight adventures and packs full of tools, whiskey and sleeping rolls. This is the way of the road, shoulder to shoulder with your brothers, there is no better way to live. See you out there.


fredag 26 mars 2010

En lite dikt


When the morning sun hits the asphalt, and you stagger zombie-like to the shed after a sun-free and wind-in-yer-face-less dark winter, spring juices welling up under your hairdo, to drag your trusty Milwaukee tractor from under the camel hair blanket, fill her up with a drop of well-aged gas from that rusty canteen, hop on, put on the freshly laundered helmet, push the button, and ... nnnzzzttppphhtt, nnnnzzztpphhtt ... nothing. Holy ---- ! Burnt piston? Someone stole the engine? Squirrel in the carb? Or could it just be, that you somehow just plain forgot to plug in that trickle charger over the winter in your hibernation stupor?




En lite hoj med en fager kvinna, för att höja humöret lite..


Mer vill ha grejor

onsdag 24 mars 2010


Jo en fyrkantig lampa fram vore lite coolt

tisdag 23 mars 2010


Det känns lite vemodigt att sälja min hva moppe, men jhag har aldrig kört den och det har nog dröjt 10 år till innan någon tid funnits. Gå in på tradera och bjud..

måndag 22 mars 2010


Lite grejor som höjer stämningen i garaget

lördag 13 mars 2010